Biotech, Lifesciences & Pharma

Biotechnology and Lifesciences are autonomous but interrelated industries. They are growing fast and they are changing continuously. This is an exciting area of practice for our firm and our attorneys are as enthusiastic as our clients are. These industries involve a wide range of practices from patents and IP rights protection to competition law, from regulatory and compliance matters to commercial agreements.

Our team has full knowledge of this complex sector combining a diverse range of legal practice areas either related to contentious or non-contentious matters. We have a strong experience in this regulated area, equally so with practice in IP and competition law, which complete our legal services. We regularly assist scientific parks, start-ups and mature companies active in biotech, multi-disciplinary team lifesciences, healthcare and pharma,  which are set-up time after time  in order to better assist our clients who range from teams of or individual scientific researchers at pharma companies, and  from business angels to venture capitalists.